TzLibre baking

Compared to KYC-Tezos baking

  1. Larger baking coinbase (52.66% allocated to baking)
  2. No premine baking (no genesis allocation used for baking except bootstrap bakers)
  3. Lower roll size
  4. Larger security deposit
  5. Rewards halving

This results in higher rewards for bakers and increased network decentralization. As in Bitcoin, TzLibre rewards halve regularly: TzLibre halving period is set to 256 cycles (estimated 2 years).

How TZL supply grows over time.

How TZL supply grows over time

Proof of Donation

During betanet 308,804,813.69 TZL are delegated to bakers who donate XTZ in order to support TzLibre development. XTZ are transferred to a KYC-Tezos smart contract deployed at KYC-Tezos address KT1LGscYq8SwwbXXg1Z6ctDrHjMGnfEkjB8X. Delegations are proportional to donations, ie a baker who sent 10% of all donations gets a 30.8M TZL delegation. Every three cycles delegations are be updated according to new donations.

Learn more about Proof of Donation.

Check Proof of Donation status.

GitHub repo

Check TzLibre Node on GitHub.


TzLibre betanet explorer will go live on Mar 10 2020 H 16:00 UTC


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