ERC-20 Migration

How to

  1. Import your Ethereum address (Ledger not supported) holding your TZL ERC-20 into Metamask (TZL ERC-20 token address: 0x6b91bc206eed0a8474f071339d1fd7ed7156f856).
  2. Only if you don't have a native TZL address, generate a brand new native TZL address with LibreBox (without using hardware wallets)
  3. Choose how many TZL ERC-20 to migrate and fill the "TZL ERC-20 amount" field in the form below
  4. Insert your native TZL address in the "native tz1... address" field in the form below
  5. Click on submit "🡪" button (few ETH required to pay fee)
  6. Authorize the transaction with Metamask

Confirmation notice

Your TZL ERC-20 tokens are now burned: you will receive the same amount of native TZL coins in the TzLibre network in 1-5 working days.

Migrate your ERC-20 TZL pre-launch tokens into native TZL coins.