Deposit XTZe.g. deposit 1000 XTZ

Mint TZLmint {{ reward_for_1000_xtz }} TZL / month

High ROI

Earn {{roi_percentage}}%/month


Withdraw at any time

Politically driven

Get active to override KYC


Maximum 763M TZL

No premine

No free coins to founders

Hardcoded constitution

Restricted on-chain governance

TzLibre Deposit is the 1st Liquidity smart contract for permissionless bond pooling

Total deposits
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TZL price
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Monthly rewards (est.)

TzLibre Deposit


Solo baking

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Other delegates

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Calculate your reward

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Reward you get
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How to deposit

Launch LibreBox

You need a wallet that allows interacting with KYC-Tezos smart contracts, such as LibreBox.

Expert user? You can use the official tezos-client instead of LibreBox.

Create or restore your wallet

From the splash screen you can Restore an existing wallet (quickest option), Create a new one, or Link a Ledger device.

Restore a wallet (quick)

Click on "Restore" from the splash screen.

Then choose a restore method: Seed Phrase if you have already created a wallet on LibreBox or TezBox, Private Key if you have exported an unencrypted private key from another wallet, or Fundraiser Wallet if you're using your ICO details.

Create a wallet (slow)

If you need to create a brand new wallet click on "Create LibreBox" from the splash screen and follow the instructions.

Fund your wallet

You must have at least 1002 XTZ in your account.

If your account balance is lower than 1002 XTZ, you must move funds from another tz1 or KT1 account (e.g. the address you're currently delegating TzLibre with).

Deposit your funds

Send funds (minimum 1000 XTZ) to the TzLibre Deposit smart contract address KT1V7VoyjbvqSmnRtv9pHkRuBCPT7UubCrCX.

You must always keep minimum 2 XTZ in the account, to pay for deposit fees.

Track rewards

24 hours after deposit, verify your Tezos address to track rewards and to link an Ethereum address.

How to withdraw

Send 1 XTZ to the TzLibre Deposit smart contract address KT1V7VoyjbvqSmnRtv9pHkRuBCPT7UubCrCX

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About us

TzLibre is a fork of KYC-Tezos.

We're developing a permissionless, KYC-free, hard-capped implementation of Tezos.