Delegate XTZe.g. delegate 1000 XTZ

Mint TZLmint {{ reward_for_1000_xtz }} TZL / month

Pay less

Cheaper than buying TZL


> 99.5% bake success

No overdelegation

{{ available_capacity }} XTZ available capacity


Maximum 763M TZL

No premine

No free coins to founders

Hardcoded constitution

Restricted on-chain governance

TzLibre is now a major KYC-Tezos delegate

Total delegations
{{ staking_balance }}XTZ
Available capacity
{{ available_capacity }}XTZ

Calculate your reward

How many XTZ delegated?
How many TZL you get?
{{ reward_calculator_output }}TZL/month

How to delegate

Open your wallet

Launch your XTZ wallet. If you don't have one, use LibreBox.

Setup a delegating account

If you're already delegating another baker, skip this step.

Create KT1 address

You need a KT1 address. To create one on LibreBox or TezBox click "Add Account" (fee: 0.25 XTZ).

Fund KT1 address

You must fund your KT1 address. On LibreBox or TezBox select your "Main" account, then click "Send".

Enter your KT1 address in the "To" field, enter your balance in the "Amount" field, leave a zero "Fee", then click "Send".

Delegate TzLibre

You must delegate tz1iDu3tHhf7H4jyXk6rGV4FNUsMqQmRkwLp.

On LibreBox or TezBox: Select your KT1 account, click the "Delegate" tab, choose "Custom" from the dropdown menu. Enter tz1iDu3tHhf7H4jyXk6rGV4FNUsMqQmRkwLp and click "Update Delegate".

Track rewards

24 hours after delegation, verify your Tezos address to track rewards and to link an Ethereum address.


  • Next payout: {{ next_payout_date }}
  • Current reward: {{ roi_unit }} TZL/month for each XTZ delegated
  • Current reward in XTZ value terms (est.): {{ roi_percentage }}%/month
  • Reward update: {{ last_day }}
  • XTZ and USD reward estimates are a function of current TZL price
  • You can revoke, cancel or change your delegation at any time

Delegate address

TzLibre delegate address is tz1iDu3tHhf7H4jyXk6rGV4FNUsMqQmRkwLp

How many TZL can I mint?

There is no limit to how many TZL you can mint, other than TZL hard cap.

Want to know more?

About us

TzLibre is a fork of KYC-Tezos.

We're developing a permissionless, KYC-free, hard-capped implementation of Tezos.