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Optional: you can confirm your Ethereum address at any time. Generate a signature or contact us.

Ethereum address

To receive TZL you should link an Ethereum address. You can do it at any time, no accrued TZL will be lost: unreceived payouts (on hold) will be delivered after you link an Ethereum address. To link an Ethereum address generate a signature or contact us.


delegator amount

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{{ delegation.amount }} XTZ

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depositor amount

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No rewards

You're not earning rewards. Delegate or deposit your XTZ to earn TZL rewards

You're missing rewards

Move your XTZ from delegation to TzLibre Deposit and earn {{ deposit_multiplier }}x more TZL

Past payouts

Date For amount TX fee TX ID

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{{ airdrop.multiline_desc[0] }}

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{{ airdrop.amount_to_show }} TZL

{{ airdrop.tx_fee_to_show }} TZL

(~{{ airdrop.tx_fee_eth }} ETH)

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Total received

{{ total_airdropped_amount }} TZL

Ethereum mining fees

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Accrued payouts

Date For Reward Amount Timeframe

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accrued: {{ payout.reward_amount }} TZL

expected: {{ payout.expected_amount_to_show }} TZL

{{ payout.reward_amount }} TZL

from: {{payout.period_from }}

to: {{payout.period_to }}

Total accrued payouts:

{{ total_payout_amount }} TZL

Next steps

Next steps

Deposit XTZ


Track TZL airdrops and meet other TZL traders

Trade TZL

Trade TZL


Enter your XTZ address to verify the status of your TZL claim. You can submit any valid XTZ address (tz1 or KT1).

Already delegated?

Submit your KT1 address to check your delegation status. You can download the Delegation data (CSV), updated every 5 minutes.


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